Founder Sjoerd Schepel works in primary education. His sports training, SPH, PA and his school leadership training (all in the interest of the development of 'the child'), along with his passion for soccer (both playing himself and coaching children) have shaped his vision for this foundation:

"Children, through a wide range of educational and athletic activities, can grow up more balanced and grow into adults who know and utilize their talents and passions."

The foundation's board eventually expanded to include Bob Bergsma, Johan Koster and Fabiola Schepel. All three are experienced directors and very socially involved.

The Schepel Foundation aims to help children develop healthy(er) lifestyles and opportunities that will help them develop into confident adults and reach their ultimate goal. Our motto is therefore, "Together we take a step toward your future!"

We, as TSF, will be adding more and more projects to our database. We support both new initiatives and already existing initiatives that have been set up to offer 'the child' a promising future. So that we can help more and more children worldwide.

We are now playing weekly soccer in the following neighborhoods (see also activity calendar)

1. Otrobanda

2. Scharloo

3. Julianadorp

Participants will also receive a T-shirt if they are frequent participants in the training sessions.

We hope to greet you and your child(ren) weekly at one or more soccer practices.